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Selections from student's artist statement:

"My work focuses on the polarities of manipulation and formation, closure and
rumination, linearity and excerption, as well as precision and obfuscation. Collectively
focusing on my own personal experiences, the works attempt to share a vague
experience with the viewer, never shedding too much light on what is really happening,
while remaining precise enough for there to be a cathartic moment. Although I consider these works to be self-portraits, they rarely attempt to actually portray my likeness in a way that would convince the viewer of my intentions to put myself into my work. Instead, my work takes my personal experiences, and combines different aspects of myself, such as a box Iʼve mailed to myself, a doll I consider to represent me, vague photographs of my face, or crude drawings, and presents these to the viewer. By doing this I hope to combine the visceral elements of my making with the desire of the viewer to decode these experiences, and relate to them on a personal level."

Student work example #6
Student work example #6