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"Projections maybe Postures" is a series of images by Dance Artist Jen Rosenblit and Film/Video Artist Kate Brandt that operate inside of systems of chance and improvisational mayhem. Based on the complete precision and value-imbued objects in The Vanitas form, we look toward the female body as a surface. Through a complete possibility for the rotation of roles, the photographer can shift in front of the frame and the performer can be absent, items or light can be treated as dedicated matter with the possibility for little or no regard for their meaning. I keep thinking of us in the studio, with the camera on - there is both meaning and ridiculousness in turning the camera on us as we fuck around and let shit unfold over time. I think the meaning will be strange and displaced - there might be funny, quick interactions that are precious -- is that the meaning? Or is it the elapsed time? Or the collection of those precious, funny, mundane moments caught on camera? We hope to locate the process of this endless rotation within the frame, where through acts of translation we might start to disassemble the tight bonds of what things are and what they mean.

Projections maybe Postures (excerpt, work in progress)