K A T E   B R A N D T
Hyperbole, 2011
Hyperbole was a collaborative exhibition between Kate Brandt and Chicago-based artist and art critic, Pedro Veléz. The work displayed included paintings, banners and sculptures created by Veléz, and drawings, a self-portrait and wall text created by Brandt. At the opening reception, Brandt performed for 3 hours, creating "never-before-drawn-drawings" for gallery visitors.

"When are fictions ever pure fictions, like whimsical untruths planted and built in false realities? Fictions are often born from inklings and the subtle hint of a story, never without intent or moral justification. A Freudian slip or a seemingly improper parallel might not be a misstep, but a calculated perceptual trick, sustained by hyperbole." - Danielle Rosen, Curator